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Glider Sales

“With savings of 25%-40% over a comparable new truck you can’t afford to compromise your productivity with a used truck that may not fit your needs.”

Whether you are an individual operator updating an older vehicle, a business owner making an application conversion, or the manager of a fleet looking to standardize and control costs, a Glider Kit may be the answer you need

Now is your chance to update your truck in style. Whatever your personal tastes or application, we can spec the truck you’ve always wanted, from paint to upholstery, axles to transmissions, dump trucks to day cabs, we can make it happen.

Let us Spec a Glider with the exact configuration and equipment you need, choose from a wide range of options, and get like-new performance while reducing your cost of ownership.

For more information or a specification proposal contact our Sales Department sales@hhtruck.com

What is a Glider Kit?

A Glider Kit is a new, complete assembly, manufactured in Freightliner or a Western Star production plant that includes the cab, frame, steer axle and wheels, along with a loose parts box containing over 160 parts required to get rolling, but without 2 of the 3 major driveline components: Engine, transmission, or rear axle

Whether you have an older vehicle with components you want to reuse or replace with factory reman or need us to help find one- we can handle the rest and  provide a turnkey truck ready for the road, or just a kit for you to assemble yourself.

Glider Kit Benefits:

  • Lower Initial Cost  (25%-40% less than a comparable new truck, depending on components reused)
  • Potential fuel savings(use a factory remanufactured engine or reuse your current engine)  EPA 98 and up available
  • Potential Tax Savings
  • Driver Satisfaction
  • Technical Advancements
  • Higher Resale


What models are available in a Glider Kit? All Freightliner and Western Star models currently available as a full truck are available as a Glider Kit. Limitations in age of equipment varies greatly by brand and model.

What options are available for factory installation on a Glider Kit? All options available for a “New” truck are available to be specified and factory installed on a new Glider Kit, but 2 of the 3 major driveline components can not be factory installed.  Even though these are not factory installed the glider is factory spec’ed and prepared for these specific components. We can furnish or install these other components

What qualifies a truck as a Glider Kit? A Glider Kit is a complete cab, front axle, chassis including battery box, air tanks, fuel tank(s) and all chassis air lines installed and plumbed (where applicable). Glider must have a minimum of (2) customer furnished major drive-train pieces. A glider kit carries a complete and unique VIN (vehicle identification number)